academic advantage of nwgoi

Academic Advantage

At North West, students are provided academic advantage by encouraging them to demonstrate their ability to perform, achieve and excel in scholastic activities. We help individuals in maximizing the development of intellectual capacities and skills in service to humanity and making a meaningful contribution to society throughout life.

"Academic Excellence is at the heart of what we hope to achieve!"

Students have an advantage of learning more at North West which helps in overall development of them. We go beyond the prescribed syllabi and classrooms. We believe in "Learning by Doing and Generating More Ideas" . The walls of the classroom have been expanded by social media. The cloud, wikis, podcasts, video conferencing etc. are new learning environments and they are local, national and global and populated by whole communities in addition to family, teachers and friends. Students are engaged in different types of activities. It is a method of encouraging student learning and development through active participation in thoughtfully organized activities. It is integrated into, and enhances, the academic curriculum or the educational components of the program in which the students are enrolled. It helps students in making more sustainable future in this technology driven and rapidly changing world.

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