Bachelor of Computer Application course

Bachelor of Computer Application

The course has been framed to develop technical ability of the students. Student can seek better future in software and hardware companies after acquiring requisite exposure in the field of computer applications. Technical mind always research something unique which is always useful to the industries. To keep grip upon technical area makes student logically more sound.

Student can pursue Master of Computer Application (MCA) after completing this course which provides better career opportunity for them. BCA course create strong ground to pursue MCA course. This course gradually leads to better job as well as pay package opportunities.

Career Opportunities

According to NASCOMM report, Indian is one of the largest exporter of the software and IT enabled services (ITES). This course provides basic start to participate in such larger industries.It only requires strong commitment and dedication.

This course provides an opportunity for the students to make their futures as Software Engineer, Software Architect, System Analyst, Network Administrator, System Administrator, Database Developer, Database Administrator, Computer Programmer, Systems Engineer or Computer Expert in various ways. This course provides robust grounds for the students to make their future in the above stated fields.

IT and Mobile revolution has been the key area in the whole world recently. There is really a scarcity of highly technical manpower in our country. Companies are always in search of right candidate in the field of information technology. So the opportunities and pay package is not a constraint for right candidate.

India is emerging in the fields of BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), ITES (IT Enabled Services), and Software Testing and Java Enabled Mobile revolution. This course has created way for the students to exert their abilities in the above stated prestigious fields.

Student gets better opportunity to earn good payment package after getting specialization. But this course is the pre requirement to yield better returns. This course provides a golden opportunity to develop all the basic abilities related to Information Technology and creates ground for the higher salary packages.

What BCA Offer Students?

Earlier, Bachelor of Computer Application is one of the demanding courses in India. There are many students who have made a dream of becoming a BCA graduate.

There are many national IT companies like Infosys, Wipro, Reliance, TCS, etc. which are looking for the qualified BCA students.

Apart from this, there are many international companies like Vodafone, AT&T, etc. who are also stepping forward to take these BCA students. These companies are giving much importance to the students having either BCA or IT as their specialization.

There are many other non-IT companies who are in requirement of an IT person to take care of their software programs. A BCA is also having a scope in those companies.

Main Subjects

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Communication-I System Analysis & Design Data Warehousing & Mining
Human Values and Professional Ethics Data Structures Programming in Java
Programming in C Digital Circuits & Logic Design Management Information System
Mathematics- I Workshop on Visual Basic Workshop on Advanced Web Development
Information Technology Basic Accounting Software Lab-VI(Programming in Java)
Software Lab-I (Programming in C) Software Lab-IV (Data Structures) Project Work -I
Software Lab-II (Information Technology) Hardware Lab-I (Digital Circuits & Logic Design) Principles of Management
Environmental Science Software Engineering Computer Graphics
Communication-II Microprocessors & Microcontrollers Computer Networks
Mathematics-II Operating Systems System Administration
OOPS Using C++ Database Management Systems Software Lab-VII (Computer Graphics)
Computer System Architecture Hardware Lab-II (Microprocessors & Microcontrollers) Project Work-II
Workshop on Web Development Software Lab-V (Database Management Systems)  
Software Lab-III (OOPS Using C++)    

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