Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration

This is an increasingly complex global economy, and its focus on innovation is unprecedented. Consequently, new technologies are emerging in the blink of an eye, swiftly putting the old ones to rest. As a professional navigating your way through this challenging new world, you understand the premium that is placed on the attainment of advanced skills and knowledge, and that is achieved only with an MBA degree.

The world's leading, and most popular, business qualification, is the Master of Business Administration, or MBA as we know it. A precise qualification designed to equip students with an understanding of all the major functions of a business. In some industries now MBA is not only a desirable attribute, but an essential qualification whose importance cannot be under-estimated.

The main focus of management degree programs at North West group of colleges would be to make every graduate 'industry ready', and expose them to the latest trends in the dynamic business world.

For the Academic Year 2015-16, we are offering MBA Programs in following specializations:

1. Marketing
2. Finance
3. Human Resources Management
4. Information Technology

Job Prospects and Career Options

Many MBA programs offer only a general MBA in management without further specializations. This inevitably makes management a popular career option for MBA students. Managers are needed in every type of business. Career opportunities are also available in specific areas of management, such as human resources management, Marketing, Finance and Information technology.

Main Subjects

Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4
Principles and Practices of Management Business Environment Applied Operations Research Strategic ManagementI
Organisational Behaviour Production and Operation Management Corporate Legal Environment Enterpreneurship & Managing SMB
Accounting for Management Human Resource Management Specialization 1 Specialization 1
Quantitative Techniques Marketing Management Specialization 2 Specialization 2
Managerial Economics Financial Management Specialization 3 Specialization 3
Business Communication Research Methodology Specialization 4 Specialization 4
Information Technology for Management Human values and Professionl Ethics    

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